Chinese Language and Culture Course for Seniors


Enrollment information

Registration information, payment, schedule


Enrollment date: it will be carried out from Monday, August 16 and until Wednesday, August 25, 2021, this in person at the reception of the Confucius Institute of the UCR.



Soon we will have the schedules


The Chinese Language and Culture course is priced at ₡ 30.00 for 13 sessions, one hour, once a week.


Various means of payment are offered, such as:


  • Payment only by card at our facilities (American Express cards are not accepted).​
  • Bank deposit, in the Banco Nacional account number: 100-01-000-140077-9, detailing: Project 2444-01, your name and surname; then you can send the receipt to our email
  • Transfer to the account 15100010011400776 in colones or in dollars to the account 15100010026037353, indicate in detail: Project 2444-01, your name and surname; then you can send the receipt to our email (This link will open in a new window)
  • Legal ID 3-006-101757, UCR Foundation.


Refunds for tuition


Money refunds will be applied only in cases of group closure. Likewise, if by mistake a sum greater than the registration amount is charged, the corresponding refund will be made.


It is important that the student is sure of his or her enrollment, since under no circumstances is the enrollment postponed or requests for refund of money for course payment applied.


The procedure for the refund of the money consists of filling out the MONEY RETURN FORM which can be found attached below this information or withdrawn at the Institute's reception. You have 5 working days once the closure of the group has been notified to carry out the procedure, otherwise the refund will not be applied.


We are located only at the University of Costa Rica in San Pedro de Montes de Oca, Ciudad Universitaria Rodrigo Facio, west side of the School of Architecture



Be older than 55 years


This is an introductory level course aimed at people over 55 years of age with no prior knowledge of the Chinese language. The course aims, through a series of activities that integrate cultural aspects that students can recognize vocabulary, phrases and grammar of the Chinese language, as well as an approach to the different manifestations of Chinese culture such as Chinese art film series, the Chinese culture nights and workshops on Chinese calligraphy, paper cutting, Chinese knots, among others.


It is important to note that some classes may be taught in English.