International Symposium on Chinese Transoceanic Migrations


The Confucius Institute, the Pacific Regional Headquarters, the School of Modern Languages, the Latin American Observatory on Asia and Africa, the Latin (and Hispanic) Americanist Academic Network on Sinological Studies, the Project for the Recovery of the Historical Memory of Chinese Migrations to Costa Rica of the University of Costa Rica and the Latin American Association of Asian and African Studies (ALADAA), for the first time hold the International Symposium on Chinese Transoceanic Migrations.


This Symposium proposes to create spaces for dialogue, in relation to the various theoretical constructions, methodologies and experiences, to continue in the construction of a comprehensive vision in cultural and social relations, facilitating the creation of tools and inputs, and consequently helping to define , promote and strengthen cooperation and understanding in the Asian country.


Furthermore, it aims to establish the exchange of knowledge and experiences between migration researchers that allows opportunities for analysis and links between different countries.


This edition will be held from November 21 to 25, 2022, we would be pleased to have your participation in person with limited space.


Free registration by completing the form

Thursday, November 24 and Friday, November 25. In-person activities in the Multipurpose Room of the Pacific Regional Headquarters


Download the symposium agenda in the attached documents on the website.





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