Beautiful China on stamps

Beautiful nature feeds living beings and nourishes people. The natural environment is also a fundamental premise for the survival and development of humanity. However, contradictions and conflicts, and even destruction, have inevitably arisen between human economic activities and social development, and ecological protection of the environment. A global problem that we all face is how to manage the relationship between man and nature, and achieve a healthy interaction between the two.


China has always sought the harmonious development of humans and nature. In the process of economic development, people have constantly realized that environmental protection and economic development are dialectically unified and complementary, and that strengthening environmental protection and forming a conducive ecosystem They can also provide more space and a greater boost to economic development. Building an ecological civilization is not only essential for China's own development, but also for maintaining the world's ecological security and coping with global climate change. The ecological protection of the environment is closely related to the well-being of both the present and the future. Nowadays, the concept of respect nature, follow nature and protect nature and green water and green mountains are gold and silver mountains has become a widespread consensus in society and is deeply rooted in the conscience of the people.


The stamps are known as miniature encyclopedias. Among the thousands of sets of stamps issued by New China, there are many that reflect the concept of building an ecological civilization. They not only concentrate the natural beauty of China's mountains and rivers and rare species, but also bear witness to the history of China's ecological development. This exhibition has a total of 71 sets of representative stamps and they are divided into 5 sections: China's World Nature Heritage, Nature Reserves, Natural Resources, Wild Flora and Fauna Resources, Water resources and Ecological conservation and greening. The art of stamps is used as a vehicle to convey the charm of China's mountains, rivers and flora, sharing the concept of harmony between man and nature.


Now, let's embark on an exuberant journey!


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Beautiful China on stamps