Enrollment date

From February 26 to March 14, 2024

Date of application


Sunday, April 21, 2024

HSK costs


  • HSK I: 27,500 colones
  • HSK II: 44,000 colones
  • HSK III + HSKK BÁSICO: 85,250 colones
  • HSK IV + HSKK INTERMEDIO: 96,250 colones
  • HSK V + HSKK AVANZADO: 112,750 colones
  • HSK VI + HSKK AVANZADO: 129,250 colones

how to enroll

Enrollment only in person.


Payment Methods


You can make the payment through the following options:



  • In person only by card.
  • Bank deposit, in the Banco Nacional account number: 100-01-000-140077-9, with the detail: Project 2444-01, your name and surname; then you can send the receipt to the following email: secretaria.confucio@ucr.ac.cr
  • Transfer, Fundación UCR cédula jurídica 3-006-101757 and the IBAN account would be CR88015100010011400776, indicate in the detail: Project 2444-01, your name and surname; then you can send the voucher to the following email: secretaria.confucio@ucr.ac.cr
  • In person, at our facilities, west side of the School of Architecture at Rodrigo Facio Headquarters, San Pedro.



*Once the payment is made, you must send the following to the email secretaria.confucio@ucr.ac.cr:



  • Payment receipt scan or screenshot 1
  • 1 copy of the front and back of the ID
  • Screenshot of successful registration (after you complete the online registration form)


*After sending the payment receipt, you will receive a link and instruction manual to fill out the online registration form. You must complete the online registration form before March 14, 2024.

*Before filling in the form, please prepare an electronic photo no older than six months, white background, jpg format, size between 15 kb and 100 kb

*After filling out the registration form online, you will receive a confirmation email confirming successful registration. Please send a screenshot of the successful registration email to secretaria.confucio@ucr.ac.cr in time to complete the registration.



 Tuition reimbursements


  • Refunds will only be applied in cases of group closings. Likewise, if by mistake a sum greater than the tuition amount is charged, the corresponding refund will be made.
  • It is important that the student is sure of his or her enrollment, since under no circumstances does the freezing of enrollment or requests for reimbursement of money for payment of course fees apply.
  • You must fill out the MONEY RETURN FORM and send it to secretaria.confucio@ucr.ac.cr after 5 working days.


* NO REFUNDS FOR HSKK OR HSKK EXAM FEES: It is important that the student is sure of his or her enrollment, since under no circumstances does the freezing of enrollment or requests for refund of money for payment of the HSKK or HSKK exam apply. The refund will only be processed when the course enrolled in is closed by the UCR Confucius Institute.


** Prices are subject to change according to the exchange rate of the price of the dollar.




 The HSK (Hanyu Shuipíng Kaoshì) or Standard Chinese Test tests the ability of non-native speakers to communicate in Chinese in their daily life, study and work according to the Chinese Language Proficiency Scales for Speakers of Other Languages and the HSK test syllabus. The test consists of six levels and serves as a prerequisite for foreign students to study in China and apply for scholarships; for foreigners to work in China, apply for permanent residence, immigration and so on. It is also widely used by multinational companies as a key basis for recruitment and promotion.


The HSKK (Hanyu Shuiping Kouyu Kaoshi) is the internationally standardized oral Chinese language proficiency test. It is the oral version of the HSK test and measures the oral communicative ability of non-native Chinese speakers in daily life situations, as well as academic and professional relationships. It consists of three levels: basic, intermediate and advanced.


¿What are the advantages or uses of HSK and HSKK?


In accordance with Chinese Ministry of Education regulations, foreign students can enroll in credit-bearing courses at any Chinese university or college based on their test scores. The results can also serve as a reference tool for employers when making hiring decisions. As of 2014, the HSK and HSKK are requirements for applying for UCR Confucius Institute Scholarships and summer camp scholarships as set by CIEF.



HSK results are valid for two years (from the date of the test).



Exam Structure


The new HSK is an international standardized test of Chinese language proficiency, whose emphasis is on the evaluation of the Chinese language communicative ability of candidates whose first language is not Chinese in fields such as work, education or social . HSK includes a total of six levels, namely HSK (level 1), HSK (level 2), HSK (level 3), HSK (level 4), HSK (level 5), and HSK (level 6).


Exam levels


The levels of the new HSK and its correspondence with the Chinese Language Proficiency Scale for Speakers of Other Languages (CLPS) and with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) are shown. then:


The number of words in the CLPS CEFR vocabulary is listed next to the description of the test parts.



HSK (level 1)

100 Level 1



The candidate who passes HSK (level 1) can understand and use some very basic Chinese words and phrases and can satisfy specific communication needs; He also has the ability to continue the study of the Chinese language.


HSK (nivel 1) inglés



HSK (level 2)

300 Level 2



The candidate who passes HSK (level 2) can use the Chinese language only in everyday matters familiar to him and have simple and direct exchanges: the candidate has achieved his first mark of basic level of the Chinese language.


HSK (nivel 2) inglés



HSK (level 3)

600 Level 3



The candidate who passes the HSK (level 3) can use the Chinese language in basic communicative tasks in the workplace, academic and social; likewise, at the time of traveling through China could face communicative tasks in most situations that could arise.


HSK (nivel 3) inglés



HSK (level 4)

1200 Level 4



The candidate who passes HSK (level 4) can use the Chinese language on a comparatively wide range of topics and carry on conversations; You can also communicate relatively fluently with native Chinese speakers.


HSK (nivel 4) inglés



 HSK (level 5)

2500 Level 5



A candidate who passes HSK (level 5) can read Chinese newspapers and magazines, enjoy Chinese-language radio and television programs, and also make relatively comprehensive speeches in Chinese.


HSK (nivel 5) inglés



HSK (level 6)

above 5000



The candidate who passes the HSK (level 6) can easily understand when listening or reading news in the Chinese language, can also fluently express her opinions in Chinese orally or in writing.


HSK (nivel 6) inglés



Principles of the examination


The new HSK follows the principle of "linking teaching with testing", thus the test design is closely linked to the teaching materials in use and the current international situation of Chinese language teaching, as it has the dual objective of making the test promote both teaching and study.


The new HSK pays great attention to an objective and truthful assessment and attaches special importance to the development of the necessary Chinese language skills of the candidates.


The new HSK sets explicit test objectives that enable candidates to improve their Chinese language proficiency in a planned and effective manner.


Purposes of the examination


The new HSK retains like the old HSK a well-established position as a general Chinese language placement test that serves the needs of a community of adult learners of the language. The test results can serve multiple purposes:


  • For educational institutions, it provides a baseline for student acceptance, separate class instruction, course exemptions, and granting of course credit.
  • For employers, it provides a baseline as a mechanism for employment, training and promotion.
  • For Chinese language learners, it provides a reference base to learn and improve their Chinese language skills.
  • For educational institutions or Chinese language training organizations, it provides a baseline for the assessment of their teaching and training effectiveness.
  • One month after the completion of the test, candidates will receive a report of the results of the new HSK issued by the Confucius Institutes Headquarters.


Updated: 22/02/2024


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