Virtual exhibitions of the Embassy of the People's Republic of China

Silk Road Impression


Fashion is culture, which is derived from the lifestyles of nations formed at various stages of history and in different cultural contexts. Fashion is art, which is deeply rooted in the daily lives of human beings. Fashion is power, which drives economic growth and social progress.


China's "Silk Road Impression" online fashion show brings together the works of China's most influential fashion designers with their relentless pursuit of quality. It tells the stories of China to the world through both static and animated media. There is not only the heritage and development of traditional Chinese culture, but also the yearning for a better life in the future. It represents the perceptions, explorations and interpretations of fashion by Chinese designers. We look forward to exchanging ideas with partners and friends around the world to deepen understanding, foster friendships, strengthen cooperation and join forces in innovation.

Fashion designers and brands from various countries are welcome to participate in win-win exchanges and development in China, a nation with long history, rich traditional culture and modern vigor.



New Classic of mountains and seas


The exhibition "New Classic of Mountains and Seas" takes as reference the religious context and the basic characteristics of ancient Chinese mythology, such as primal chaos, its imagery and the sublimation of morality. The vital instinct contained in the Classic of Mountains and Seas is interpreted based on three themes: the time and space of the universe, the legendary divine creatures and the poetic paradigm.


These three themes correspond respectively to the three sections into which the exhibition is divided: Primordial Universe: lost stories from the Book of Heaven, Taotie: images of the world and Wumei; between sleep and awakening. The new chronicle of Heaven and Earth. Under the supervision of the Department of Tourism and Culture of Zhejiang Province, the Zhejiang Art Museum exhibits new artistic productions based entirely on the concepts of the Classic of Mountains and Seas with the intention of exploring the possibility of extending in space mythological memory and offer the viewer updated definitions of the images and thoughts of traditional myths. This exhibition is organized into 50 sections with a total of 124 works.



The first touch of lime green


Zhejiang is the origin of Chinese civilization, meanwhile, the green of celadon is the inspiration that brought Zhejiang to the world. Now we don't know if the first green appeared like a sunrise, illuminating in the elegant Chinese style. But within the aesthetic world, since then, a new chapter was born with the name of "celadon."