Doctoral Program "New Sinology Program"


What is this project?


The "New Sinology Program" doctoral program was established by the Center for Sino-Foreign Language Cooperation and Exchange, in collaboration with top universities in China and distinguished scholars. It is committed to providing opportunities and support for young foreign scholars pursuing doctoral studies in China. This includes cooperative Chinese-foreign doctoral programs where students come to China to study for a Ph.D. We invite qualified young academics to apply.


Chinese-Foreign Cooperative Doctoral Training Project:


Sponsor outstanding doctoral students registered at foreign universities to study in China, conduct joint research, and write doctoral theses during their studies. Typically, the duration is 1 semester to 2 academic years.


Pursuing a Ph.D. in China:

Funding outstanding foreign master's degree holders to pursue a Ph.D. at Chinese universities. Generally, the duration is 3 to 4 years according to the academic system requirements of the university.


What can you get:


- Scholarships: Covering tuition fees, living and research stipends, international travel, and other financial assistance.

- Academic Resources: Receive academic training from 18 of the top universities in China, participate in forums, seminars, workshops, and other customized academic activities, receive professional guidance from many tutors at Chinese and foreign universities, and have in-depth exchanges and interactions with Chinese and foreign scholars.

- Future Development: After graduation, priority support will be given for other projects under the "New Sinology Program," such as publishing doctoral theses and translations, studying in China, and participating in international academic conferences, etc.


Who Qualifies?


Applicants interested in research in the field of humanities and social sciences related to China, with a solid academic foundation, a relatively clear research topic or objective, and the ability to conduct research in Chinese. Details are as follows:


- Chinese-Foreign Cooperative Doctoral Programs: Non-Chinese citizens.

  - HSK Level 3 and above.

  - Officially registered doctoral students at regular foreign universities.

- Programs for pursuing a Ph.D. in China: Non-Chinese citizens.

  - HSK Level 5 and above.

  - Holders of a master's degree or recent graduates from a master's program.


How to Apply?


From now until February 28, 2023, you can log in to []( to complete the online application.


**What application materials do I need to prepare?**


**Cooperative Chinese-Foreign Doctoral Training:**


- Summary of master's thesis or other research results.

- Certificate of doctoral student.

- Summary of doctoral thesis.

- Research plan during your stay in China.

- 2 letters of recommendation from subject experts.

- HSK transcript.


Ph.D. in China:


- Notarized transcripts and degree certificates during undergraduate and master's studies (students must provide school certificates).

- Doctoral research program.

- 2 letters of recommendation from subject experts.

- HSK transcript.


**What does the review process include?**


- Evaluation by Chinese colleges and tutors.

- Expert review of the topic.

- Unified remote video interview.


For more information, visit [](


Outstanding young academics from around the world can register at that link.